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Our brands solve real-world problems by leveraging our in-house expertise in sales, marketing, design and IT to develop robust systems that deliver highly efficient solutions. 

Reducing Electrical Waste

Fast Repair is provides quick and affordable repair services to households in the UK through a network of over 120 field service engineers and independent contractors. 

We offer repairs to household appliances, boilers, plumbing, heating and much more. We give customers a fast and seamless repair experience in order to encourage more consumers to repair, instead of replace. 

Our bespoke mobile apps, online portal and Field Service Management systems allow our engineers receive, engage and update jobs in real-time. 

We have ongoing contracts with a vast array of repairers spanning multiple postcode areas in the UK which allows for rapid response and fast fulfilment of services to over five million households. 

Our engineers are contractually obliged to provide good service and work co-operatively with us to deliver a great customer experience. They must pass our due dilligence checks and always hold valid Pubic Liability Insurance.

This gives our customers peace of mind that their repair will be carried out safely, to the highest standards and in accordance with industry best practice.

Empowering Local Businesses

ClickAhead provides innovative IT, marketing and app design services to small businesses in the UK. 

We offer a unique platform that allows client’s to create demographic targeting and reach customers across search, social and our own websites, but only pay for results.

For any small or startup business, building new IT systems, developing websites and creating marketing campaigns all come with levels of risk and represent significant startup costs that can often create a barrier to entry. 

In summary, we believe in creating an aligned partnership over a common goal – The project’s success. We only work with clients when we believe we can add value to their business. 

This makes our high quality IT, marketing and design services highly accessible to small businesses and also creates long-lasting partnerships.

Saving People Money

Voucher Express makes money by saving people money!

Our free-to-use website provides discount voucher codes for popular retailers throughout the UK, providing a valuable resource for savvy shoppers looking to save money on their purchases.

Saving People Time

Easy Finds is an unbiased and free-to-use comparison shopping engine that uses a bespoke, purpose-built algorithm to crawl product data from across the web. 

Our product ranking algorithm assesses multiple factors to discover the best value products on the web to save customers time. We understand that many Comparison Shopping Engines promote products more favourably according to the ‘commision’ they receive from the merchant. 

With Easy Finds there is no bias or favourable treatment of merchants. By using a product’s EAN/Barcode we collect product data from multiple sources and produce rankings that reflect value to the customer.

 For example; 

1. An aggregated score of product reviews from multiple sources.

2. The distance from the average price in the category.

3. The age and reputation of the merchant.

4. Sentiment analysis from reviewers/bloggers. 

Whilst we may receive compensation from some purchases made, not all merchants compensate us and any compensation received does not influence the way products are promoted.